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Day 10: Museums

Today started off with a trip down to Centraal Station in order to catch a different tram than our usual ones. We firstly went to the Purse and Handbag Museum. While not my first choice of museums to see, it turned out to be fairly interesting. The exhibits had a bunch of information regarding materials …

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Day 9: Lots of shopping, but not spending

This morning was a bit rough as the hotel room we were in last night had some serious problems. Firstly, the heat didn’t work, which is completely unacceptable for the Netherlands during winter. We called down to the front desk and they brought up a heater for the room. That was all fine and dandy …

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Day 8: I AMsterdam

Today we woke up bright and early to depart for the Netherlands. We got all of our things packed up and headed out of Hamburg. One thing that I had forgotten was that when we were coming into Hamburg on the A10 motorway, the opposite lanes had a lot of construction. Therefore, when we were …

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