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New Libera site

After many months of preparation, and tons of coordination over the past few weeks, the new Libera site has gone live! Thank you to Ian at colesi for the beautiful design implementation, Andy for liaising between Ian, the rest of the Libera crew, and me, and to all others that had a hand in this …

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Guiharp? Harptar? The Harp Guitar?

Today I was perusing the ol’ interweb and I stumbled upon a creation formally known as the harp guitar. While I personally prefer a synthesizing name such as the Guiharp (my personal favourite) or the Harptar, I guess I will bow down to formality and refer to it as the harp guitar. A whole bunch …

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Andy McKee

The only way that I know to describe Andy McKee is as a beautiful synthesis of Michael Hedges and Billy McLaughlin. He is absolutely incredible. The best part is that he is clearly passionate about his music. On his record label’s website ( he said that he “hopes [his] music communicates something to the listener,” …

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