Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 30 2012

Finally the tags are finished

After spending a whole lot more time than I had initially anticipated (and significantly more than I wanted to), I have finished tagging all of the former posts. Now that the process is complete, you can click on any of the tags at the bottom of a particular post, and it will show you only …

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May 29 2012

2012 St. Jude Children’s Hospital Marathon Race

Recently, I received an email from St. Jude Children’s Hospital regarding the 2012 Marathon. I have actively supported St. Jude for a number of years now, because it is one of the few larger charities in which I strongly believe. I can’t imagine the pain associated with having a child with a terminal illness, especially …

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May 28 2012

Categorical change and reclassification

One of the interesting aspects about going through all of the former posts on my blog is that it allows me to continuously re-evaluate the applicability and sufficiency of the categories. For instance, I realised that having a category of “Scholarly / Serious” lead to a lot of ambiguity and cross-posting. For that reason, I …

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