2012 St. Jude Children’s Hospital Marathon Race

Recently, I received an email from St. Jude Children’s Hospital regarding the 2012 Marathon. I have actively supported St. Jude for a number of years now, because it is one of the few larger charities in which I strongly believe. I can’t imagine the pain associated with having a child with a terminal illness, especially ones that can cause so much suffering like cancer can. Regardless of funding, St. Jude never turns away a child or his/her family, and that is a worthy cause.

2012 St. Jude Children's Hospital marathon race

Given that I have taken to running over the course of the last year or so, it only makes sense that I should run in the race. Given that I’m exhausted when I finish my 15km (~9.33 miles) daily run, I don’t think that there’s anyway that I could run a marathon–26.2 miles, or about 42km. I know the limits of my body in its current condition, and I think that tripling my distance is essentially out of the question at this time. Seeing as the half-marathon’s registration had already closed, I signed up for the 5k run as a St. Jude Hero. As such, I will be raising funds based on the length of my run, and would greatly appreciate any contributions that you are willing to make. I will have a small website dedicated to my fundraising efforts for the race, which I will link in a new post.

The 5k is set for Saturday, 01 December 2012 starting at 07:15 GMT-6 (CDT). That’s all the information that I have at this time, but I will post more once I know.


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