Astronomy Picture of the Day

Today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day from NASA is incredible! It’s a hexaexposure of two auroral rings over Jokulsarlon, which is a glacial lake in Iceland. I’ve included a thumbnail (click for the full-size image) below, but you really should check out the NASA APoD every day, as they are not only amazing images, but they give some great background information regarding each.

Aurora over Jukulsarlon, Iceland

The crew visit

Today was certainly a fun day. A bunch of friends came in from all over the country. Firstly, we met up for lunch at a place called Noodles (it’s probably difficult to imagine the type of cuisine that they serve ;)). We sat around, talking about all the things that have changed since the last time we were all together, which was in October of last 2010. We were planning on having some drinks and games in the park after lunch, but the weather didn’t really allow for it. So instead, we went bowling in between lunch and our next stop. The six of us (plus one kid) then went to a really fun place called the City Museum. There are a bunch of great things for kids to explore, jump around on, and just have a good time. I think the adults had just as much fun as the kids did, or possibly even more so. We were met there by a few more people, who brought their kids as well.

After a few hours of the City Museum, we all went to dinner at a Japanese tepanyaki restaurant (where the grille is right in front of you as the chef prepares the meal). It was also a great time! After dinner, we went over to a friend’s place for a little more fun before the night came to a close. These types of days where nobody has to think about work or anything else don’t come along very often, so I think that we all took advantage of it.