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Amaranthe – Amaranthe review

Ever since I found the CD Epsilon by Blood Stain Child, I’ve been trying to find some similar albums. Though not exactly the same, I did find an outstanding synth-symphonic-metal band named Amaranthe. After listening to a few of the clips, I bought the album (despite its relatively high price tag of $23.68 USD [~€19.15]), …

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Wine tasting review – 18 August 2012

After the surprise tasting yesterday, today brought me back to the regularly-scheduled weekly wine tasting at HV Bottle Shop. The wines today were all from Argentina, three from Mendoza, one from La Rioja, and one from Patagonia (Rio Negro). Wines are discussed from right to left The first wine of the day was a 2011 …

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Wine tasting review – 17 August 2012

I had a surprise in my inbox the other day, stating that there would be a special wine tasting this evening at HV Bottle Shop. Generally the tastings are on Saturdays–and there will still be one tomorrow–but this week, they also had a tribute to wines from Bennett Valley. Bennett Valley is a very small …

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