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Alternatives to AIR?

No, no, no, this isn’t going to be an article about some crazy new breathing apparatus. Rather, it regards some new technology related to the web-desktop interface that I discussed briefly in my article yesterday. I stumbled upon this new program known as Adobe AIR. Today, however, while perusing the Gentoo mailing lists, I found …

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I’m gasping for AIR

Recently, Adobe Systems released a new, and very innovative piece of free software called AIR. As far as I can tell, this program seems to be a synthesis of the concepts driving Java and already-existing web technologies like Flash and Shockwave. As I just found out about AIR, I haven’t really had enough time to …

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Mozilla Messaging and Sunbird

Recently, the Mozilla foundation released a news brief stating that there will be a new “wholly owned subsidiary” (per the news brief) known as Mozilla Messaging. This new branch of the Mozilla project will be working on the new features and overhaul of Thunderbird, which will eventually become Thunderbird 3. One of the key focal …

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