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Review of Pixar’s La Luna short

A couple weeks ago, I went with a friend of mine to see Disney / Pixar’s Brave in the theatre. It was a wonderful feature film, and you can read my review of it by clicking that link. Before the feature started, however, there was a new Pixar short called La Luna, which is an …

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Honesty – Pass it On video about classroom cheating

Recently, I saw an advertisement on television regarding honesty. It was presented by the Foundation for a Better Life, and takes place in a classroom. It depicts students taking a test, and one boy–glancing around the room to ensure that the teacher isn’t watching–tries to get some answers from a neighbouring boy. The latter finally …

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Review of Disney / Pixar’s Brave

This past Friday evening, Ginger and I went to see Disney / Pixar’s new film Brave. It follows Merida, a young Scottish princess who is radically against the idea that her parents (especially her Mum) can control her life. In particular, she can’t fathom being forced into a marriage that she doesn’t want. Instead of …

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