O2 sensor issues remain…

After working on the wiring of the primary O2 sensor for over three hours, and having four people looking at it, the issue remains. I still have the check-engine light and my K-Pro ECU still doesn’t recognise any AF ratio. Unfortunately, that means that I will have to spend more time and go through piece-by-piece to find the problem.

I’m thinking that the easiest way to go about the troubleshooting is to:

  • Unhook the wiring from the ECU
  • Use a multimeter to test the voltage of the 4 AFR-related pins at the ECU
  • Reconnect the wiring to the ECU
  • Test the voltage of those 4 wires before the relay
  • Test the voltage after the relay
  • Test the voltage right before the primary O2 sensor bung

At least this way I will be able to narrow the problem down to a specific location. If I don’t get any voltage in any one of the areas, that has to be the problem. I’m hoping that it is either broken wiring along the way, or that the relay is bad. Either of those two possibilities will be easy to remedy and very inexpensive. Anything else and I’m not sure what I will have to do.

Fortunately, Mike said he would come over and help me with all these steps sometime this upcoming weekend. With luck, we will have it done in just a couple hours.

|:| Zach |:|

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    • Sam on Sunday, 4 March 2007 at 15:59
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    I hope everything goes well and you figure out what’s going on with the Z-ride. Btw… there was no cable unplugged this morning. I just needed to log-in. They have dial-up… I can’t even remember the last time I used a dial-up connection. Ttyl. 🙂

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