Niagara photos

I was just looking on my phone and realised that I hadn’t uploaded any of the pictures from Niagara Falls last weekend. I didn’t want to bring out my regular camera as the mist was really heavy and I didn’t pack any waterproofing materials. I am surprised that the photos turned out this well, considering I took them with my phone! Anyway, here are some of the shots (click the thumbnails in order to see the full-sized images):

Niagara mist The mist was pretty heavy when we arrived, but that is to be expected given the high amount of precipitation, coupled with the natural mist of the falls.

Rainbow Bridge to United States The Rainbow Bridge which connects the United States to Canada. Odd that now one has to show a passport to go in either direction. Years ago, there was no passport required when going between the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Right before we were going to leave, the clouds broke and the sun came out. It really made a huge difference in the view of the Falls (along with the temperature):

Niagara when cloudyNiagara when sunny

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