New HIDs (6000k)

Well, for the first time ever, something that I installed on my car actually took the time it was supposed to. Usually when I change something on my car, it will take 10 times the predicted amount of time. For instance, the turbo kit was supposed to take about 6 hours and it took 4 days.

Well, this time I was installing HID headlamps. I bought the Genesis HID conversion kit from:


And it was supposed to take around 30 minutes. Even with the modifications that I had to make to get things to fit, it still only took about 35 minutes. Then came the true test… turning the vehicle on. I was completely surprised; maybe even shocked! The kit worked without flaw. I didn’t have to tweak or adjust anything.

The other good part about the transaction was the customer service. I had a somewhat special setup on my car. The car’s OEM headlight harness was the 9006, but when I changed my headlight housings, the bulbs became H3s. The representative at HID-SiN custom fabricated a kit that would fit my OEM harnesses but still have the bulbs to fit my new headlight housings! Now THAT’S customer service!

Boy oh boy do the new headlights help. I can see so much better at nighttime now. Here are some pictures that are before & after. Click on them to see a larger version. It is difficult to capture the true difference though; seeing it in person is the only way to recognize the huge jump in luminosity.

click for larger image

click for larger image

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