KPro failure

I can’t believe that the problems have already started and I haven’t even gotten the D17 out of my car. I got a call from Eddie at TrueHonda and apparently my PRC ECU is one out of about 10,000 that can’t receive the KPro chip. So, he is supposed to get a different ECU on Monday and try to KPro that one for me. However, according to him, it doesn’t matter which ECU (PND, PRB, PRD, et cetera) is used, because once it is KProed, they are all the same. HOWEVER, according to Hondata (the manufacturer of the KPro system), only the PRB will work because it is made for the 6-speed transmissions. If any of the 5-speed ECUs are used, I will not have reverse-lockout.

So far, this is not going well. I haven’t heard back from Eddie, so I hope he calls by Monday.

|:| Zach |:|

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