Today was one of those days where I regain a little bit of faith in the goodness of humanity. Firstly, I went to drop off a package for RMA. When I got to the shipping facility, I realised that I hadn’t sealed the package with packing tape. The guy simply said “no problem, I’ll take care of that.” After thanking him, and right before I left the store, he said “actually this prepaid label doesn’t cover the weight of the package, but don’t worry about it. I’ll just change something really quickly.” That was the first set of niceness that I encountered today.

Secondly, I went to get some bagels from a store I noticed while on the way back to my car. I walked in, placed my order, and then realised how late it was. I said “wow, do you guys stay open later than most of the other locations?” The guy responded with “no, we closed about 15 minutes ago.” Then, to make things even better, he said “we’re just going to throw these cookies away, so would you like to take them?” I thanked him for his generosity, and went about my business.

Though these events may seem small, trivial, or even petty, they helped me see that there are some people that do care about being nice to others. I just hope that I can share the same type of small niceties with others, and maybe these types of behaviours will permeate.

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    Pay it forward

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