I’ve made the netbook decision

After a few months of looking at specs, reading reviews, trying a couple out for myself, and looking at lspci outputs, I have finally chosen a netbook. In the final analysis, it came down to the Asus eeePC 1000HA and the Samsung NC10. I ended up choosing the Asus because I couldn’t justify spending the extra money for a standard-sized right shift key, and because the Asus is easier to upgrade the three major components (RAM, HDD, and WiFi card). I’ve already ordered a 2GB stick of PC5300 (G.Skill that supposedly has amazing timings of 3-3-3-10 @ 667MHz [I will let you know if this claim is true]). I’m thinking that I might upgrade the WiFi card from the cheap, relatively poor quality Atheros card to the Intel 5100 or maybe even the 5300 if I experience connection or packet problems. The 160GB 5400 RPM HDD might be replaced with a 320GB 7200 RPM one down the road if I really fall in love with this machine.

Anyway, I will post some more information after I have received the Asus eeePC 1000HA and have had a chance to play with it for a while.

|:| Zach |:|

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