Engine update

Today I dropped off all the parts that I had at the shop. I’m still missing a couple of small parts, but they will be in tomorrow and Friday. The only things that are missing (as of right now) are the PS return lines and the KProed ECU. The nice thing is that those parts can be added right at the end of the swap, so they shouldn’t hold anything up.

The mechanic was very happy to see such a complete swap. He said that one time a guy brought in a K20 swap (for a Civic ES) and it was as if he thought it would just pop right in. The mechanic looked at him and said “where’s the rest of the stuff?” The guy looked at him and said “like what?” To that, the mechanic replied “you know, things like…THE TRANSMISSION!!!” Apparently this guy thought that you could just put the new engine in place of the old one. He didn’t understand that you also needed the new transmission, axles, radiator, hoses, power steering lines, shift cables, cylinders, and all that other jazz.

So, it seems as if my research has paid off and this experience will go smoothly. Gosh I hope so. I’m told that I might be able to get it back on Friday night, but otherwise, it should definitely be done by Monday.

I’ll keep you posted.

|:| Zach |:|

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