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Fortune cookie wisdom part II

As many of you may know, I love Asian food, and tend to eat it several times per week (if not daily). As such, I come across a lot of fortune cookies. Often, the fortunes are mundane, irrelevant, or just asinine. However, there are some good ones from time to time. I thought I would …

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The DLD abuse contest

Hello all, Recently, on deviantART, the literary group known as =DailyLitDeviations (or DLD for short) started a prose contest regarding abuse. I have recently finished my entry for the contest, and posted it on my profile. To get to my profile page, you may click the “deviantART” button in the toolbar to the right. If …

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I wish

I wish… the justice system would actually promote, foster, and protect virtue instead of corruption; that the systems and safeguards the nation has in place would function based on the spirit of the law instead of the bureaucratic letter of the law; that our lives were not governed by the myth of meritocracy, but rather …

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