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How IT team members see each other, and a bonus funny

Today I received two different emails with funny images attached to them. The first one was from a dear friend of mine, who said that she can actually relate to it. For those who are easily distractable, or who might have a bit of ADD, this one’s for you: The other email was sent to …

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Expectations versus reality

After yesterday’s somewhat gloomy post, I thought that it might be good to follow it up with a little bit of humour. A friend of mine sent me this great image depicting the sometimes vast distinctions between our expectations and reality: Poor Pumba never even saw it coming! This image actually made me think about …

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Kashi Cherry Dark Chocolate Chewy Granola Bar

If you keep up with my blog, you know that I really like to find new healthy snacks that taste good at the same time. Also, you’ve probably noticed that I tend to like a lot of the Kashi products, especially the snack bars. One of my absolute favourite varieties is the Cherry Dark Chocolate …

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