Babies or tiny drunks?

Recently I found this great thread on Reddit about two toddlers being like drunk girls. Though the animated GIF was entertaining, one particular comment in the thread was pure gold:

Babies are born blackout drunk and slowly sober as they age.

They form no permanent memories for several years, have no hand-eye coordination, and are either crying or sleeping. Slowly they regain the ability to crawl around on all fours, then to stumble drunkenly across the room before falling on their faces.

Eventually they become sober enough to start speaking slurred, broken sentences. But their emotions are still totally out of control, and they’ll fly into a rage, a sobbing fit, or uncontrollable giggles at the slightest provocation.

Puberty is the hangover.

You can see the comment and context here.

Too funny… and accurate.


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