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WordPress FLV plugin WP OS FLV slow

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been designing a basic site (in WordPress) for a new client. This client needs some embedded FLVs on the site, and doesn’t want them (for good reason) to be directly linked to YouTube. As such, and seeing as I didn’t want to make the client write the HTML for …

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Apache access logs, error logs, and Cronolog

Apache has two main logs at the vhost level, and those are the access_log and error_log. These two logs keep track of just what you might think–visitor information for each vhost, and any errors encountered, respectively. Though Apache has a lot of built-in customisation abilities regarding these logs (including the format of each, the log …

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Getting a job in IT?

Earlier this year, over at explosm.net, there was a particular strip of Cyanide and Happiness about résumés. This comic was part of a rewrite contest, and quickly spread as an internet meme. Today at work, I received this amazing variation of it: While Google is certainly a useful tool in researching various solutions, or finding …

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