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After being without internet since Tuesday, I finally am back online. 🙂 With as much as I’m on the net, it proved to be quite difficult to be without it for so long. Fortunately, I at least had EDGE service on my phone so I could get my email and browse the internet, even though …

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A wireless land-line?

Considering T-Mobile’s current lag behind some other USDM cellular providers in areas such as mobile broadband, streaming media, and built-in GPS–which are all current features in T-Mobile of the Netherlands, by the way–the corporate higher-ups have released information regarding their newest addition to their arsenal of services. Using a wireless router in your home to …

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New and improved FLV player

Hello all, I have found and uploaded a much better player for you to use to view your saved copies of any videos taken from the Z-Issue website (or any other saved .flv file, for that matter). This player, named FLV-Player S, was created and deployed by Ivan (123123@gmail.com) in the School of Creative Media …

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