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As a quick update, I am writing this entry from my Samsung NC10. After many months of fiddling with various things, I have finally gotten a working Gentoo installation using Openbox as my window manager. I really enjoy this minimalistic environment, especially on this netbook given that it only has a 1024×600 native resolution. Thus, …

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Openbox HOWTO entering finished state

After well over a month, I believe that my Openbox tutorial for Gentoo is nearing completion. I have the rough draft done with all the sections that I’m going to implement. It is available under the “Current Contributions” section of my developer site: dev.gentoo.org/~nathanzachary Feel free to check it out if you want some technical …

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Netbook’s arrival

Hello all, I have received my Asus eeePC 1000HA, and worked on it a little bit. Since I can’t stand that legacy operating system that is Windows, I started researching what I would need to do to get Linux on it. Seeing as there is no optical drive on the machine, I had to install …

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