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New categories

As I get more involved with the Linux community, and especially Gentoo Linux, I thought it would be a good idea to have a category devoted to such content. Many other Gentoo developers have their blogs syndicated into Planet Gentoo, which is an aggregation of blog posts related to Gentoo, or sometimes Linux in general. …

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As a quick update, I am writing this entry from my Samsung NC10. After many months of fiddling with various things, I have finally gotten a working Gentoo installation using Openbox as my window manager. I really enjoy this minimalistic environment, especially on this netbook given that it only has a 1024×600 native resolution. Thus, …

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Openbox HOWTO entering finished state

After well over a month, I believe that my Openbox tutorial for Gentoo is nearing completion. I have the rough draft done with all the sections that I’m going to implement. It is available under the “Current Contributions” section of my developer site: dev.gentoo.org/~nathanzachary Feel free to check it out if you want some technical …

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