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My podcast on LinuxCrazy

Hello all, Yesterday (Thursday, 27 August 2009), David Abbott from LinuxCrazy, and Gentoo-PR interviewed me for his 62nd podcast. We discussed many aspects of Gentoo, including my involvement with the fora, documentation, project strengths, areas of concern, Openbox and LXDE, and more. This is a two-part podcast, and the first portion is an interview with …

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LXDE configuration HOWTO draft completed

After talking with Ben (yngwin), I found that there really wasn’t anyone working on documentation related to LXDE inside of Gentoo. So, I decided that I would write a HOWTO for getting it installed and configured. I finished the document this morning, and uploaded it to my Developer webspace. You may see a working copy …

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Updates made to the Openbox HOWTO

I have made several changes to the Openbox HOWTO. There were many typographical errors that I didn’t catch the first time around, and package links that weren’t added. Here’s a full list of the updates for version 1.4: In code listing 2.5, changed the $ to # as the operation requires root actions.Added a note …

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