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Ice Age 4: Continental Drift – review

Not all that long ago, a friend and I went to see Ice Age 4: Continental Drift in the theatre. I was a little iffy about it, seeing as it is the fourth part of the series. It has been my experience that by the fourth instalment, the cast, story, and humour has been overplayed. …

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Review of Pixar’s La Luna short

A couple weeks ago, I went with a friend of mine to see Disney / Pixar’s Brave in the theatre. It was a wonderful feature film, and you can read my review of it by clicking that link. Before the feature started, however, there was a new Pixar short called La Luna, which is an …

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Review of Disney / Pixar’s Brave

This past Friday evening, Ginger and I went to see Disney / Pixar’s new film Brave. It follows Merida, a young Scottish princess who is radically against the idea that her parents (especially her Mum) can control her life. In particular, she can’t fathom being forced into a marriage that she doesn’t want. Instead of …

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