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Breeding like bunnies

I think that a congratulations in store for my good friend Miguel Garcia Juan Hernandez Junior (a.k.a. Mike). Last night I got to see his latest acquisition, which surprised me greatly! He bought a 2008 Volkswagen Rabbit. I don’t think there has even been someone more deserving of a new car than Mike. Though I …

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Defeat again on the O2 front

Last week I talked with the people at Hondata and found out that the cause of my check-engine light and the AFR failure is that my O2 sensor doesn’t match my ECU. They said I needed to buy the primary O2 sensor out of a base-model RSX (or 2004 Civic Si). So I did, and …

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And all I got out of it was a blood blister!

Mike came over today and we were determined to figure out the problem with the O2 sensor. After a couple hours, we gave up on that task and decided to work on replacing my hood-release cable. That also proved to be a more challenging task than we had either imagined. Not only did the fender …

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