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Slock 1.1 background colour

If you use the slock application, like I do, you may have noticed a subtle change with the latest release (which is version 1.1). That change is that the background colour is now teal-like when you start typing your password in order to disable slock, and get back to using your system. This change came …

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Keybindings and Openbox menu shortcuts for slock

After reviewing several solutions to a security problem regarding screen lockers, I’ve found that the easiest workaround for switching virtual terminals and killing the screen locker application is to start one’s X session with the following command: exec startx That way, even if someone switches to the virtual terminal that was used to start X …

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Revisiting screen lockers and patching a security risk

Recently, I posted about two screen lockers that I’ve used in the past (xtrlock and slock). There has been some great discussion about these lockers, and some potential security problems that come along with using them. One very prominent issue regarding using screen lockers without login managers was raised by a reader, and I want …

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